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Hello — my name is Marlys Johnson. I am a Christ-follower, award-winning author, blogger, speaker, and Crisis Care Coach. I have a deep affection for words, and am a ridiculously obsessive list-maker (I’ve been known to complete a task and add it to my list for the sheer pleasure of checking it off. I know, pathetic).

After being married to the same witty, courageous, kind man for forty-one years, I’m also a cancer widow.


October 2014 – just six weeks before Hubby died


I know the hopelessness of losing our home and our investments against retirement when Gary was laid off; and the guilt of not being the perfect caregiver for my mother who lived with us during that time.

I know the sorrow of watching my best friend and husband weaken and diminish, day by day; the sound of his final rasping breath followed by devastating silence; the saltiness and release of being able to wail loud and long in a snowy woods—alone—where I scattered his ashes.

There is now the uncertainty of widowhood, but also the certainty that God has choreographed a beautiful dance for my remaining days on earth.

I am passionate about coming alongside people who have experienced life’s setbacks. This is what I do: Helping you discover new purpose in seasons of loss.

About Me

Hello, my name is Marlys Johnson. I’m a cancer widow, author, speaker and blogger. I love getting outdoors; would rather lace up hiking boots than go shopping. I have a passion for repurposing old junk into cool new stuff. And an even greater passion for showing people how to navigate life’s challenges. Tenaciously. And with heart wide open.

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