31 March 2019

When winter collides into your spring

Where I live, you know spring has arrived when the snow is almost melted off the picnic tables, the footbridges, the trails.


All photos: Marlys
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24 March 2019

How I was wrong

Thirteen years ago, a wonderful job opportunity opened up in New Jersey for my son-in-law, Josh. I was the most supportive mom-in-law I know—Yay, Josh!—until it became clear that he planned to take my daughter, Summer, and our grandchildren with him.


Photo by Daniel Koponyas on Unsplash
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10 March 2019

What if we took one day at a time?

It’s my last full day at this cabin set in the middle of hundreds of acres. The sun is just waking up, painting the sky in pastels, leaving a pink ribbon on the pond.


Photo: Marlys
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3 March 2019

Why rest?

In an article Sarah Thebarge wrote after spending two months practicing medicine in a war zone in South Sudan, she said, “I keep reminding myself that rest is holy.”


Photo by Enrico Carcasci on Unsplash
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25 February 2019

Beginners Guide to surviving aloneness

The day is just beginning to light up in this remote place, all snow-piled with far-flung hills blending into the white-edged sky so you can barely tell where the mountains leave off and the sky begins.


All photos: Marlys

Who knew gray and white could be so beautiful?

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15 February 2019

How to fall in love with being alive

As I write this, I’m holed away in a gorgeous, remote log cabin, almost snowed in. (Almost means I could probably get down the mile-long driveway to the main road in my all-wheel-drive vehicle if I wanted to—but who wants to?!)


All photos: Marlys
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10 February 2019

Is chivalry dead?

After a writing session in a coffee shop, I discovered a very flat tire. The temperature was in the teens, it was starting to spit snow, and dusk was just beginning to think about showing her dark side.


Photo: Marlys


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3 February 2019

How to manage waylaid plans

The plan was for a six-week writing retreat at a log cabin surrounded by 2,200 acres.


Photo: Marlys
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28 January 2019

Best way to buy happiness

Someone very wise and insightful penned these words:

You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy books, and that’s kind of the same thing.

Photo: Marlys
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21 January 2019

Celebrating friendship in grief

January 15 marks the day when my friend Charity watched frantically, hysterically as her husband and three-year-old son were swept out to sea by a sneaker wave.

Every year, on the anniversary of the Worst Day Ever, Charity is determined to get as far above sea level as possible.


Photo of Charity (by Chylynn Barklow)
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