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30 October 2014

Random thoughts and gratitude from Hospice House

This rather suspicious text message: “The marketing porch fairies have landed.” I know about the Porch Fairy. And the Knitting Fairy. But Marketing Porch Fairies?

I text Daughter Summer who is out running errands. Warning. Something on the porch. Not sure what. She sends photos: “Two grande Chai tea lattes, a pumpkin pie and candle holders … with candles, of course.” Love the pumpkin theme.


1 a3x-pvis-pumpk


Meanwhile, back at Hospice House, Hubby is continuing with the spa treatment. A shave from CNA Natalie.


1 a3x-pvisitors-shave


These lovely co-workers and office roomies. Bearing Chai tea lattes for Summer and me. (Why does it seem Hubby is always surrounded by beautiful women?)


1 a3x-pvisitors


Daughter Summer texts from our place: “I just got home and somebody beat me to it. Were you here? Or did you send somebody over?” She had been sent to put the garbage can on the curb. I have no idea who beat her to it, but apparently there is now a Garbage Can Fairy.

And then a visit from the lovely Sarah, who has walked where I’m walking.  Who has put in her time at Hospice House with her husband. Who brought by a gift bag of all the snacks one could possibly want for any length of stay here.


1 a3x-pvistreats


Random thoughts, I know. But if there is a point, I guess it would be that all the thoughtful messages and gifts and drive-bys and stop-ins represent people. And when it comes down to it, isn’t that the most valuable asset going?

So grateful for the amazing people who have brought joy along this journey.

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