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Hello, my name is Marlys Lawry. As I write this, exactly one week ago today I married a kind and thoughtful man who sports a twinkle in his eye and loves to tease his grandkids (and mine).


My new husband and I are traveling north into Washington State and across the top of Idaho toward Glacier National Park.

We’re in the honeymoon carriage, a.k.a. Dan’s fifth wheel trailer. And we have the graffiti to prove it.

I met Dan while interviewing him for a story about a shower truck that provides hot showers for homeless clients in our town of Bend, Oregon. Dan helped build the shower rooms and configure the water tanks and heating system.

We sat long after the interview, talking about our mutual experiences as cancer caregivers and widow/widower.

He thanked me for listening. “It’s good to talk with someone who knows what I’m experiencing,” he said.

“Anytime,” I responded.

And he took me up on it.

We fell in love while hiking and snowshoeing in the Cascade Range, sitting and talking on snow-covered mountainsides, hugging mugs of homemade Chai tea hot out of a thermos.

Between the two of us, Dan and I have nine crazy fun adult children/children-in-law, and nine delightful, genius, beautiful grandchildren.

Our spare time is filled with hiking, snowshoeing, kayaking, camping, reading, sipping Chai tea, riding on the back of a motorcycle (me), and driving a Jeep Wrangler with hair flying in the wind.

I am a speaker and award-winning writer with a deep affection for words.

Oh, and list-making. I’ve been known to complete a task and add it to my list for the sheer pleasure of checking it off. I know, pathetic.

A member of Oregon Christian Writers and Advanced Writers & Speakers Association with more than ten years speaking experience, I have been published in Chicken Soup for the Soul and a handful of national publications. I’m also a contributing writer for several national and international web-based organizations and online magazines.

Dan and I have a passion for repurposing old junk into cool new stuff. And an even greater passion for helping people navigate the hard and holy moments, having negotiated a few ourselves.

About Me

Hello, my name is Marlys Johnson. I’m a speaker, award-winning writer, cancer widow, and Chai tea snob. I love getting outdoors; would rather lace up hiking boots than go shopping. I have a passion for encouraging people to live well in the hard and holy moments of life. With heart wide open.

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