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30 November 2021

What If We Could Embrace Change?

Dan hung floating shelves, and I collected photos, ordered prints, and spray-painted old frames. Our family photo wall with his/her kids and grandkids is well underway.


Family photos
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23 November 2021

Who were you meant to grab hands and run with?

What I love most about her paintings are the whimsy and playfulness. Our friend, Francie, painted the river flowing through town against the backdrop of the Cascades. She unfurled the flags on the Old Mill District footbridge, planted steaming mugs of Chai latte on a rock, and left snowshoe tracks along the river.


All photos: Marlys
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17 November 2021

What if you could count to 100?

Not too long ago, I ‘endured’ the tiniest little bump in the road, something not even worth mentioning.


Photo by Jannes Glas on Unsplash
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2 November 2021

Road trips, pumpkin patches, and a background check

Much-needed rain is falling softly from the skies that hang low and gray. I’m sitting cross-legged in an over-stuffed chair near the fire and hugging a mug of Chai latte.

We’ve been gone from this oh-so-comfortable home these past two weeks. A road trip through Idaho to Utah, and then over Oregon’s Cascade Range to the Land of Grandkids.


All photos: Marlys
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26 October 2021

Are you a bricklayer or bridge builder?

Our dry creek was begging for a bridge. So Dan and I built a whimsical little structure out of scrap lumber, attaching the cross pieces at uneven angles. Just for the fun of it.


The dry creek is officially bridged (photos: Marlys)
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19 October 2021

What if you could reach for the impossible?

My friend, Sandy, with her gift for storytelling, is currently working on a documentary about my friend, Charity, titled “Reach for the Stars.”

Goosebumps are the first sign I’ve found a story I want to tell.

– Sandy Cummings


Photo by Sandy Cummings
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5 October 2021

How long is your growing season?

“Bend’s growing season begins June 30 and ends July 1,” the old farmer said with a twinkle in his eye, referring to our hometown. We were purchasing fruit at his Eastern Oregon orchard, and we laughed because it was close to the truth.


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28 September 2021

Life’s trials … or how to keep your balance on a motorcycle

We attended a full day of observed motorcycle trials this past Saturday. Dan rode his vintage Bultaco and was the best rider out there, if you want my unbiased opinion.

The only thing is, he wouldn’t let me bring my pom-poms.


Best rider, in my humble opinion (all photos: Marlys)
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21 September 2021

What if you could be a seed-starter?

Back in elementary school, I tried growing an avocado tree from a pit balanced on the rim of a water glass with the help of toothpicks. Not sure what happened to that seed, but there was never an avocado tree in our backyard.

It was Maddie, our 12-year-old granddaughter, who inspired me to try this fun nature experiment once again.


Photo: Marlys
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14 September 2021

Good friendships are like eating breakfast

Longtime friends of Dan’s own a historic cabin on the Metolius River in Camp Sherman. It comes with an invitation for Dan to use it any time.

A few Saturdays ago, we helped these friends with a couple projects: an outdoor covered porch and an indoor rod-and-curtain-hanging endeavor. (And when I say we helped, I mean mostly it was Dan while I cheered him on.)


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