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Crisis Care Coaching

Helping you discover new purpose in seasons of loss

Marlys is available for personal coaching and accountability. Inspired by her own significant losses, Marlys helps you build a foundation for living well with and after life’s crises: a serious illness, caregiving, financial setbacks, loss of a way of life, or death of a loved one.

What you can expect from me

  Prompt responses to your email and phone calls

✓  Thirteen one-hour sessions every two weeks for six months: over the phone, in person, or via Skype or FaceTime

  A link to take an online pre-paid personality assessment before your first session

Coaching discussions around topics, such as:

  Grief and managing loss


  Maintaining healthy relationships

  Getting plugged into community

  Gratitude and seeing through different lenses

✓  Prioritizing what’s most important in your life

  Finding new purpose

Action steps assigned following each one-hour session

Post-coaching communication for any feedback you might have to offer

A little about my experience

During the years I served as Survivorship Coordinator at St. Charles Cancer Center, I was caregiver to my live-in mom as she sunk further into dementia and for my husband, Gary, with late-stage cancer.

I have been widowed since November 2014, and my days are currently filled with blogging, contributing writing for national web-based organizations, coaching, national speaking, and writing a second book.

What I’m not:  Counselor

What I am:  Coach

Inquire about coaching

If you’d like to know more about the details of what I offer through coaching or want to check my availability, please contact me through the email form on this page. Thank you.


Please feel free to contact me to inquire about availability or to ask me a general question.

“… gift of interacting and encouraging [the] audience with humor as well as information.”
Tomasz M. BeerMDProgram Chair, Pacific Northwest Prostate Cancer Conference