26 January 2021

Do you have the courage to play?

Brené Brown, an American professor, lecturer, and author, said this:

It takes courage to say Yes to rest and play in a culture where exhaustion is seen as a status symbol.

Dan and I are very good at playing. Which apparently makes us quite courageous.


Chai tea break at Edison Sno-Park shelter last week
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19 January 2021

Here’s why ‘neat and organized’ is over-rated

Dan and I have an amazing contractor and crew—Ben, Randall, Billy, and Cody. 

But they’re awfully messy.


All photos: Marlys
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12 January 2021

5 survival strategies for in-between seasons

Dan and I are in the middle of a transition. Our house is being turned upside down, rearranged, and enlarged. 

Which necessitated a move into our honeymoon carriage.


Transitional housing
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5 January 2021

4 easy intentions to set for 2021

Shauna Niequist, one of my favorite writers, was featured on a recent podcast. She talked about an angel visiting Mary and leaving her with a special assignment.

“I want an assignment,” said Niequist. 

I want can’t-miss-it clarity, a special purpose, the certainty that I’m on the right path doing the right thing, and that it matters.


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29 December 2020

Did we reach our goal of 500 miles in 2020?

As of this writing, Dan and I hiked/snowshoed a total of 504.25 miles in 2020. In the course of those miles, we ascended 33,427 feet. Which is equivalent to trekking to the top level of the Empire State Building 26 times. 


Edison Sno-Park warming shelter
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22 December 2020

Difference Makers: One load of wood at a time

Dan and I made reservations three weeks in advance. They’re only open Saturday mornings and they fill up quickly.


Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash
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15 December 2020

Is joy a choice?

This thought from Bella Grace magazine:

It’s easy to fall into the trap of equating being busy with being worthy and fulfilled. Take a moment and let the world fall quiet around you. What truly brings you joy?


Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash
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6 December 2020

What if we showed up for life?

Dan and I thought up a brilliant idea. 

During this COVID holiday season—since we won’t be gathering with our kids and grands—what if we did at least one act of service or giving on each of the 25 days leading up to Christmas? 


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30 November 2020

9 great ways to support a grieving friend during the holidays

Nearly once a week, he’d stuff cookies into his pocket and we’d hike the river. And always, we stopped for coffee and Chai tea to sip with his stash of cookies. It was Cody who taught me to pay closer attention to the wonders surrounding us.


Cody pointing out the wonders at Smith Rock
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27 November 2020

What hasn’t been cancelled?

On a day when we normally would have been surrounded by kids and grands, Dan and I packed our Thanksgiving feast into the wilderness and spread it out on a tablecloth overlooking a snowy landscape.

Chai tea, turkey sandwiches, potatoes and gravy, and veggies never tasted better.


Outdoor feast
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