16 June 2021

How not to be anxious

I’ve been here before. I recognize these Naugahyde chairs, the clink of glass wheeling past on carts, the overhead speaker announcing “Code Blue” in Room 617.


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7 June 2021

Is your life a story worth telling?

I recently ran across a quote that resonates with me:

Make your life a story to tell. Accumulate memories, not just possessions.


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1 June 2021

Are you an influencer?

On a normal year, there are anywhere between 100-120 family members. COVID took center stage last year and the family reunion was cancelled. For the first time ever.

But an unofficial invitation was sent this year. Turns out, 76 people showed up. And fun was had by all.


I love seeing a man in the kitchen (especially my man)
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26 May 2021

But Lord … I don’t want to wait

My friend, Emma, is a year out from the loss of her husband, who valiantly battled cancer before leaving her with three children.


Photo by Duong Chung on Unsplash
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18 May 2021

Here’s how tea can reduce the world’s problems

It’s official. I’ve turned my husband Dan into a Chai tea snob.


Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash
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11 May 2021

What will you do when an adventure falls to you?

That great philosopher Winnie the Pooh once said:

I knew when I met you an adventure was going to happen. 

A. A. Milne

This speaks to me of my new husband, Dan.


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4 May 2021

How community is forged from imperfect people

Back in the days when televisions fit into cabinets, this primitive hutch housed a TV. It once served as extra storage for kitchen items, and it once set outdoors for a spell, housing vegetable seeds and flowerpots and garden tools.


Funky curved doors with fingerhole openings
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27 April 2021

Here’s why creativity fills our tanks

Of all the self-careful things we women did this past weekend—hearing each other’s stories, eating, hiking, laughter, yoga, massage, solving a murder mystery, singing, listening to encouragement from scripture—one of my favorites was the paint class.


Painting by Marlys
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20 April 2021

What if we could see through the mirror?

I’ve dragged this beautiful, old door around with me through several addresses. Because I had plans to repurpose it into something new and useful. I just didn’t know what. Yet.


Beautiful old door
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13 April 2021

Here’s what happens when you think of everyone else first

It was Summer’s birthday request. She asked her husband for an outdoor activity and dinner in Bend, which meant a drive over an entire mountain range.


SIL Josh, daughter Summer, and most of their crew – with The Grandparents thrown in
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